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October 12, 2012
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"Sensei!" You call out to the teacher. "I don't understand this at all!" You hold you head in your palm of your hands.

"Maybe it you weren't getting into fights all the time, you might of studied more." The girl sitting next to you stated.

"Shut Up!" You stand up. "You don't know me!" You clench your eyes shut.

"_____! Sit down." The teacher called.

"You don't even listen to me..." You sigh as you look down.

The student teacher Alfred Jones comes up to you, kneeling beside you. "What do you need help with Miss ______?"

"Maybe with her attitude." The girl says.

"I don't understand it at all... I can't exactly find a quiet place to learn anywhere... So I basically need help with it all...." You state attempting to ignore her.

"Alright then, so let's look here in the book.." Alfred points at the book.

"Why do you even try here when your rarely in class? Maybe that's why your parents don't care for you.." The girl next to you grins.

You who can't keep calm any longer crack, grabbing the girl by her shirt. "You really think you know what you saying?? Don't give yourself airs! If you wanna really see how violent I can get, meet me after class." You push her into her seat.

"________!! To the office! Now!" The teacher says.

"You all don't know me! Every one of you are idiots!" You shouted as you dashed off into the office, getting yelled at by the principal and vice principal, being called terrible names.

"Your staying here and we're calling your parents.." The principal says as he and the vice principal leave the room. Alfred enters the room and sits on the the side of the table.

"So..... Do you want to talk about it?" Alfred mumbles as he touches your shoulder.

"Don't touch me!!" You slap his hand away and tears fall down your cheek. "Do you know what if feels like to have your world against you and all you can do it fight back? To not feel............."

Alfred moves his glasses up and stands back a bit. "You want to feel like people care, feel like they can understand you, to hear you out...? You want to feel loved?" You freeze up at his words. "That is the way I am....."

"So.... you do know....... how lonely I am.........." You begin sobbing in your palm.

"Well then, Miss ______, let's get out of this office." Alfred grabs you wrist and pulls you out of the office. "Are you hungry?"

"Yeah..." Your eyes are wide as you follow him, he then takes you to eat hamburgers. Begins helping you with your work.

"I get to teach for the next 4 weeks before I leave." Alfred says.

"Mr. Jones... Why are you helping me...?" You look down.

"Please call me Alfred." He smiles.

"B-But you're the student teacher!" You look slightly irked. "And you didn't answer my question..."

"Come to class tomorrow and visit with me, you'll see soon." Alfred smiles and gets up from the table and waves.

Trying to avoid the gangs which you are in and avoiding class because of the people you visited him every day and studied and learned with him until his internship was over, which was also the ended of the school year itself.

"We'll be able to see each other outside of the classroom... right?" You look down hugging yourself.

"Of course! I truthfully don't plan on leaving for school reasons anyway...." Alfred states. "I only did this to give me more space in the business area... In case my real plan doesn't work."

"Then... You have my number, we can hang out sometime?" You look down shyly, mainly because the fact you have fallen in love with the student teacher.

"Indeed." Alfred smiles.

"See you later then!" You force a smile even though you know that same night there is a meeting for the gang and your skipping again. After it gets dark and you think its safe to head home, they gang up on you and send you to the hospital unconscious.

A few weeks later your parents who were aware you were in the hospital never came to visit or pick you up. Once you get home you dad pushes you to the ground. "Get out of this house! We never wanted to raise someone as worthless as you... Getting sent to the hospital again.. For a fight?"

"I....." You look down.

"Excuse me, but I don't believe you realize what is going on." The door which was wide open allowed none other then Alfred to walk in.

"Stepping into other family's business? Who the hell are you?" Your mom asks him.

"The man who wants to marry your daughter..."

"W-W-What???" You freeze as tear fly out of your eyes.

"Where can I happen to find her bags? Since you want her out of your house and all.." Alfred states as your mom hands him your bags. "If you have no objections I will come with the registrations later on this week."

"Wait... Alfred-" You say as he holds your hand while walking out the door. "Y-You don't have to do this!"

"You didn't call me at all when you got put in the hospital, or tell me your family was this bad.. I was worried when I contacted your parents and they said you were in the hospital. And marriage is my only option."

"You don't have to do any more for me.. You helped me with my studies and everything....... Why would you want to marry someone like me... I don't understand, not one bit... I actually can't understand any of this one bit..." Your voice trembles as your face goes red.

"To be honest, I thought about this even before I finished teaching. But considering you are still a Sophomore in high school, I could of only thought of it..."

"Why of all people me? I-I mean...... It's not like I don't want you... But... I mean...." You look down.

"Do I have to make myself obvious and say the exact reason?" Alfred pulls you in toward him, you become quiet and slightly nod. "I love you, and want to be with you!"

"Alfred....." Your blush hard as he pulls you into a warm embrace as he kisses you.

"Don't say that you haven't slightly fallen for me either..." His eyes gaze into yours.

"I've been in love with you too..." You turn your face to avoid eye contact.

"Then marry me _______." Alfred places his hand on your cheek

"Do you think I wouldn't say yes?" You blush and smile.

~~~~~~~~~~~To Be Continued....... Maybe?~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
i decided to make this reader more so of an abused child and fights for herself. :'D its different i think...
last post of the night.
i had to rewrite half of this because my annoying family moved my hand to the edit button QwQ
yeah he was in somewhat character the first time i wrote this
._. i'm sorry this turned into a fail QwQ

Chapter 2: [link]
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Akimoto-Michiyo Featured By Owner Oct 14, 2013

I was reading it and suddenly thought, "Hey...this is familiar..."
and when her/my father told her/me that she/i was not wanted in the house, it hit me and I nearly fainted XD
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